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At cabin

I seemed to have forgotten about this cabin. I think I remember spending a night here on our journies to remove Sephiroth, but... I cannot remember another time though I know there was one. It is in my memory somewhere, but it had to have been in a time when my mind was chaotic. Now, Tifa and I are here.

I am tired again and hungry for that matter. Tifa is wandering around the place and I am just looking around while sitting on a couch. It is only in doing that that I remember that women don't leave their legs open in dresses for a reason. It becomes quite drafty quickly. My legs are not as nice as the last time I was in a dress.

This place is nice and homely. It is fully furnished and stocked with food, meaning that Tifa must have been here before she ever came to get me. There is a ceilor nearby that has yet more food and living items and I seem to remember that this portion used to be part of a village so there is running water. It is a log cabin and a few beds that look very inviting to me right now.

Tifa seems relieved to be here and I sense that she has relaxed considerably since we left Junon. She had to let me lean on her up the steeper hills to the cabin, but I can feel my strength quickly returning to me. I will have to practice with my sword and get strong once more, so that I may challenge Sephiroth in Nibelhiem. For my own mind, I must remove him from me, lose all chances of connection with him. He could see me.

My thoughts are jumbled again. I really think that I need a nap and perhaps I can convince some food out of Tifa. I am really hungry, but I can already feel weight coming back on me with the mass that I am consuming, usually eating once every two hours, sometimes less. I should try to limit my food intake so Tifa does not worry for me, though I believe she is pleased to see me eating so much.

There is a nice open field nearby, I suddenly remember. I practiced there with my sword a long time ago. I will have to use it ag...

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