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Going from unpredictable to cold, calculating unpredictable...

Cloud and his overly determined doctor have a chat for as long as Cloud’s attention span will last for, then Cloud gets agitated.

Cloud leaned back against the wall at his back, bringing his legs up to his chest as he watched the doctor across from him. He was never one to like needles, and getting this close and personal with one was not his idea of fun on any day of the week. He had the sudden urge to grab the needle, jam it in Wisley's tear-duct and laugh, but his fingers only twitched slightly to indicate the unspoken thought.

He watched with growing boredom the intricate details of one simple metal needle, specially made to be reusable with the medication that he was currently taking. All he had to do was replace the needle portion after every use, but he had the sudden feeling of not caring very much. He didn't see the point of administering his own medication since they all made it painfully clear that they loved to keep him here under their watchful eye, the hero of the planet that went mental under the strain.

"Are you listening, Cloud?" Wisley suddenly asked, his older gaze locking on the blazing blue filled with increasing amounts of mako. The blonde's attention span was undeniably short so far.

Cloud nodded his head and glared at the doctor, "yeah, heard every word."

Wisley quirked an eyebrow and pushed his glassed up his nose again, sighing heavily. "If that is true, repeat what I just said to you."

Cloud did, with perfect accuracy, the mako and Jenova cells increasing his already pretty good memory to the point where he could resite word-for-word anything he vaguely paid any attention to. He could tell that Wisley was slightly annoyed with his quick and clear repeat.

"Good, then let us continue with..."

"Where is Tifa?" Cloud suddenly asked, cutting off Wisley's thought. His attention only ran so far on such boring subjects before he felt the need to change it to something more to his own liking. It was another ability that Wisley seemed to be getting more and more annoyed with. He didn't care though, even as they stared at each other, his glowing gaze considering difficult to read given that the rest of his face gave away nothing of his emotional state. His expression was in constantly in a state of haunting neutrality, not even his lips lifting to express happiness or anger when he didn't feel the need. The new medication, in some ways, made him much more unpredictable. Still, the silence that reigned did catch his attention and he stared at the doctor before repeating his question again, "Where is Tifa Lockheart?"

Wisley leaned back in his seat and rubbed his eyes in slight annoyance, yet he was also mildly pleased. This question meant that the blonde was thinking about the outside world again, not just who or what he mistakenly saw in the Institute. "Last I heard, she went to Rocket Town."

"Why hasn't she come to visit me? She promised me that she would visit whenever she could. I haven't seen her in a long time," Cloud replied, looking with complete accusation at Wisley, his gaze hardening considerably both aiming his mild irritation at the doctor and Tifa, though the woman wasn't here to receive her share of his glare. "She promised me that she would be here. That was one thing she told me to get me to agree to come here. Where is she?"

Wisley shifted his attention completely to this topic, putting the needle he had been showing to the side. It appeared that something other than staring outside had finally captured the blonde's attention, and it pleased him considerably, taking this as a sign of progress. He ignored Cloud's glare and folded his hands in his lap. "Miss.Lockheart stopped coming awhile ago. We didn't know that she had left Junon until our progress letter had been returned to us. We then found out she went to stay with another individual in Rocket Town, and we have not heard from her since."

Cloud considered this information for a moment, his mind playing it over from all angles before responding again. It had been a very long time since he had seen Tifa, over six months now. "Where are the other members of AVALANCHE?"

"Hmm, let me see..." Wisley picked up the file at his side and flipped through some of the papers there, noting the locations of all the members that had previously associated with the blonde, if only to call them to put the younger man down if Cloud went completely out of control on them. "If my information is up to date, Barrett is in North Corel with his daughter, Red XIII is back in Cosmo Canyon, Cait Sith is in the Gold Sauser, Cid is in Rocket Town, a one Vincent Valentine was last seen in the Nibelheim region, and the Wutai Yuffie was seen wandering about various parts of the world."

Cloud listened closely to the location of each, verifying them in his own mind as something he could see as right. He and Tifa had come to Junon after his first mental breakdown, and he had been admitted after his second...or was it the third? Either way, everyone was gone away, far far away. He couldn't help be feel angered by their abandonment, but he seemed to remember a fuzzy memory about him forcing Tifa to swear that she would never tell anyone that he couldn't handle the strain of post-apocalypse. Still, he got the feeling that no one even bothered to ask of him, not that he gave half a rat's ass at this point. He could cut it on his own, just like it had always been. Always alone unless they are in my head...

He actually tried not to sound bitter about the entire thing, and quickly switched his mind over to a different subject, weaving his way back to the subject of Tifa. The only indication of his angered thoughts was a slight tightening of the muscles in his jaw and his eyes blazed a little more brightly before fading again. "Write her. I want to see, Tifa."

"Now, Cloud, when you are ready...."

"I am ready, you pompous prink. Don't you wave your so-called superior knowledge in front of my face, and think that I won't notice what you are trying to do. I want to see my friend! Tell Tifa to get her miserable hide back here!" Cloud leaned forward in his seat, his feet leaving the bed to settle on the floor silently, the words coming from his mouth a deadly calm despite the potential anger that could have been used.

Wisley looked at Cloud in slight surprise, the blonde not usually one to make such demands to see anyone. He wasn't sure if he could consider this progress now as the blonde seemed silently agitated. He calmly tucked his folder under his arm and picked up the needle, climbing to his feet slowly. "I think you've had enough for today, Cloud. You should have a nap now, then you can go back to your window."

Cloud's eyes narrowed only slightly, bearly noticeable, but his hand whipped out with blinding speed, snatching the needle out of Wisley's hand. He was on his feet before the doctor could even register his movements, and he had Wisley's arm in one hand bent back at an awkward angle and the doctor slammed against a nearby wall hard. The door was filled with guards immediately but he ignored them as he pressed the syringe into Wisley's throat, putting his new knowledge to the test as he leaned in on the doctor. "I want to see Tifa Lockheart. She should be the one taking care of me, now you find her and get her in here before I press this mako chemical drug into your throat and let you have a taste of being a SOLDIER...."

Cloud jerked when a dart slammed into his neck, drawing away from Wisley immediately and releasing both his attack and threat. He knew that he couldn't fight the powerful tranquilizer that swam in his vision, so he merely sat back down on his bed and stared at the floor, not deny nor encouraging the working drug. He slumped to one side when his eyes drifted shut and his consciousness slipped from his grasp. He could wait and stare out his window soon.

Wisley stared down at the slumped blonde on the bed and waved a hand at the guards to hold their fire, noting the immediate difference in the way that Cloud handled himself. "We've replaced one unpredictable man with a cold and calculating unpredictable man..." He rubbed his neck, wincing at the efficiency in which the blonde wielded the syringe as a weapon, looking up at a colleague entered and took in the scene groomily. "He's alright, just a minor lapse."

"He's dangerous, Daniel." The sandy haired doctor said with some concern. "What caused this?"

"Lockheart...he wants to see Lockheart," Daniel Wisley replied, shaking his head slightly. "Get a letter together and find Lockheart. I think it would make our lives a lot easier if she saw him just this once."

"You're sure?"

"Completely. We have him where we want him, back to being as close to a hero as possible," Wisley said with a heavy sigh, walking away from the sleeping blonde on the floor, stopping beside his colleague. "He's so close to being ready."

"I would hate for us to create another Sephiroth...." The other man said quietly, eyes on the tranquilized blonde warrior.

Wisley shut his eyes briefly and nodded his head, very well aware of what fine line they were all walking. The last thing they wanted was another Sephiroth running around, this one considerably more dangerous in his mind. He couldn't see into Cloud's mind right now, making the blonde much more dangerous. "He'll be fine given time...and a visit from Miss.Lockheart..."

"I'll see make sure she gets here soon then..."
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