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Their voices annoy me, grate on my nerves kind of like the feeling of rubbing hard alcohol on an open wound under the claim that it will prevent infection. They seem so encouraged that I have gone quiet, and my random thoughts have become so driven; it is the quiet ones to watch for. When I'm finished with my 'quiet time', Wisley is showing me how to take my own medication, show me the only way to freedom.

I wonder why these places are all white. Why not... yellow, like someone pissed all over the walls, or red...blood, it saves them from having to clean when someone gets a little violent in here. No, it is white, everything but the silver instruments. White, everywhere...

I hate these clothes I'm wearing. They are severely uncomfortable to me. The shirt hangs off my shoulders, meaning I've lost some weight, which I intend to get back. I was thin enough when I came in this place. My pants are very baggy and they refuse to give me a belt to hold them up with...say it could be used as a weapon.

Which is true. I could kill a lot of people with a belt, but I'm not interested in hunting anyone down...yet. The medication may limit my feelings and put my randomness back in order, but I feel like I'm being poisoned again. They are giving me mako, at a high concentration too, and when I sleep (which seems to creep them out since I sleep with my eyes open) I can feel my body once again shifting. They are bringing my Jenova cells out of dormancy, and they are slowly on the move...

Wisley is standing over me like he is a very important individual, when really he's a self-riteous son of a bitch. I pity the woman that shot him out between her legs... he obviously wants to show me how to treat myself now, which I'm not sure is proper policy. Needles are weapons, especially with mako in them.

Oh well...his life.
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