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"Full name, please," a soft calm voice asked the patient sitting slumped in the chair.

"Cloud K. Strife, SOLDIER, First-Class," came a reply, dull and emotionless yet strangely tired sounding. The blonde in the chair stretched his feet out, staring at the white floors with dull tired eyes.

The doctor paused to watch him closely, Dr. Wisley, the main physician treating the blonde warrior. He was pleased with the effects of the new drug that Cloud was taking. "Age, Cloud?"

"Twenty-two..." Cloud would have said more, the exact date but he didn't feel it was necessary. He was just twenty-two until he turned twenty-three in August.

Again, Wisley was pleased and scribbled down some notes. "Any symptoms to your new medication? Itching skin, burning eyes, irritability, mood swings?"

"Negative," Cloud replied coldly. His glowing eyes rose to watch the doctor across from him.

"Do you hear voices?" Dr. Wisley asked.


"Have you seen Sephiroth?"


"Desired to hurt yourself?"

"Negative." Cloud was growing bored with this line of questioning quickly. It was the same questions every day for the last week, and his answers were always the same. He could have answered in his sleep and still not aroused any suspicions.

"Do you feel overly aggressive at anyone?" Wisley asked more cautiously, noting the shift in the blonde's mood.

Cloud's eyes fixed on the doctor and his upper lip curled to reveal his perfect teeth. "You, if you keep asking me these same questions..."

"Strife, settle," Wisley instantly repremended.

Cloud's eyes flashed dangerously, but he didn't say anything more that could be considered aggressive, or even any sort of real emotion at all. His eyes glowed brighter than before, a side-effect of the drug they were injecting him with, and he knew that they held a much harder edge to them, almost uncaring and more battle-hardened than they had been before. It was his eyes that gave away that, though he was much better, he wasn't fully right.

Wisley watched Cloud silently for a few moments, not certain where the young blonde remained mentally at this point. Though the eyes spoke volumes, the rest of the man's body remained completely neutral. Even eyes blazing with mako were hard to read when contented to a seemingly brilliant man who knew where to hide. "Have you had the urge in inflict bodily harm on anyone?"

"Affirmative," Cloud responded, but he didn't bother with details.

"Whom have you wished to harm physically?" Wisley asked, keeping his tone cautious.

Cloud's gaze shifted off to the mirror next to him, his attention on the questions finally having detriorated completely. He watched the mirror for several moments, allowing the question to hang thick in the air. "Why three people in there this time? I don't like to be recorded, you know."

Dr. Wisley dropped his head slightly, knowing full well that he had just lost the blonde completely. There was no way to get Cloud back now for today, but he was somewhat pleased with the progress seeing as Strife's attention and tolerance for questions was becoming longer and longer the more days that passed by. He was rewarding the blonde for answering questions and remaining more or less attentive to everyone around.

Really, the hardest part of the day was getting the medication into the blonde who seemed bound and determined early in the morning to be very stubborn and skittish. He suspected it had something to do with the fact that the medication came in the form of a syringe that bothered the blonde, but there was little he could do to change it. The medication was created for liquid form only and injection was the best way to get it into the blonde's bloodstream quickly.

"That's all for today, Cloud. You may leave if you wish," Dr. Wisley half hoped the blonde would stay, but he wasn't surprised when Cloud got up and started to walk away. He looked at the mirror when he knew that Cloud had left completely. "I think we found a cure for him, after a year of trying. A few more days, and I think it may be safe to allow Miss. Lockheart to see him."
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