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Catch me on this night of blood

The bars under his fingers made a high-pitch grinding noise as he rended them so easily, pulled them so easily from the window. It was only these pitiful bars that kept him in this place, but he had moved quickly throughout the entire night.

He had snuck from his room, his mind clearing enough to formulate a proper plan with Jenova's help, of course. He had picked the window that he would rip apart to get out into the night of rain then, he had run. He moved so swiftly that most didn't recognize him at first, not until he managed to get to the room where they kept his sword locked away. He had easily pulled the door from its hinges and ripped his sword free of the chains holding it, raising it in the air like a prize. He had then run again, taking out any that dared to stop him, though he mourned the fact that he didn't have time for materia.

Now, Cloud felt these bars open a space in the window as the alarms blared around him, and there was almost too much shouting to concentrate on his own thoughts. He knew that they wouldn't come near, not when he was armed so completely and was showing all of the strength that Jenova lent to him, the screaming madness a simple whisper now.

He leapt from the window without hesitation as a tranquilizer dart slammed into his shoulder, the drugs working in his system quickly. He watched the ground approach and flipped at the last second, landing easily on his feet before he swayed thanks to the drug, yet he refused to fall under its affects. He reached back and pulled to dart free of his shoulder, tossing it aside before shaking his head, Jenova working with him to refuse the drug any hold on him.

His blazing electric blue eyes turned to the window that he had come from, a insane smirk tugging at his lips as the rain drenched his white clothes and washed away the sterile feeling that he was used to. He lifted his pale arms and greeted the rain, turning his face towards the sky to allow the torrent to fall on his flesh and slip over his body, announcing his freedom.

He could hear them coming, the doctors and their little lacky guards, coming to take him down, but he had other plans. Tonight, he would have his freedom, and even Jenova whispered her pleasure of this concept, willing to help and drive him from madness to get out. They would have to kill him to take him back to this place.

Cloud blinked water from his eyes and smiled as the feeling of long blonde hair clinging to his neck and forehead. He started to walk towards the gates that lead out of this crazy house, one hand rising to greet the rain while the other held true on the familiar weight of his sword, his freedom, his Ultima Weapon.

He grunted softly as another dart slammed into his shoulder, nearly spinning him with the force. The lack of shoes made him stumble slightly and there was a small cheer, all of the fools thinking that he was going down. The muscles on his back shifted, slithering with life of Jenova before shoving the dart free, and Cloud reestablished his footing and continued walking.

He stopped to stare at the clouds and the rain that fell all around him, soaking him completely even in the short time he was out. He was aware of shouting guards from all directions, but he didn't feel like looking at them. He could tell the exact moment that he was surrounded, but he payed such a fact no mind at this point. Freedom, freedom, freedom, it is all mine!

"Strife! Put the sword down!" someone shouted at him. He ignored them. "Drop the goddamn sword, or we will be forced to shoot!"

He slowly looked to the man shouting at him, glowing eyes settling on the face of the one that appeared to the be leader of all of these guards that now trapped him. He looked down at the sword in his hands and shrugged his shoulders, his fingers releasing the weapon, listening as it clattered on the ground at his naked feet.

The leader slowly rose and nodded at him, taking his acceptance of letting go of his weapon as a sign that he was surrendering. He could feel them closing the distance around him and stood calmly in the rain... the calm before the storm. "Get down on your knees and put your hands behind you now, Strife." The leader's voice was calm now, trying to sooth him into complying. "No one is going to hurt you, but you have to get on your knees and put your hands behind you."

"Section 134 of Junon code states that lying is appropriate to bring a potential threat under the assumption that there will be no further force used against the individual. Should the individual in question be armed, force is required and encouraged, no matter the circumstances or mental state," Cloud rattled the words off like they were second nature to him. The leader stopped and Cloud watched the man before smirking again. "I don't need a sword to kill you..."

He knew his words had triggered the common panic of a group that knew he was not bothering to lie. All guns aimed with deadly accuracy on him, but he could care less about them. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your bullets will only kill me." Somehow, that made sense to him and he didn't care the least at that obvious fact.

He took a step towards the gate, but he was instantly stopped as a bullet slammed into his left shoulder, spinning him to one side slightly until Cloud managed to catch himself. He looked down at the wound, noting how the red soaked into his wet clothing, and he was aware of someone screaming for everyone to hold their fire. He touched the wound and winced at the feeling a pain, sharp and intense than it ever had been before simply because he was not accustomed to feeling it.

He could hear a rush of panic the moment he moved again, one foot stepping in front of the other as he ignored the wound. His gazed flicked to the one that shot him, that prevented his freedom, and he suddenly despised the man. He slapped a hand against his thigh and instantly raised his hand as the hilt of his blade settled in it, watching with satification as man who shot him screamed as he threw the massive blade with deadly accuracy. He was pleased when the Ultima Weapon impaled him, killing him instantly.

Cloud's head snapped up as his keen senses picked up the sound of settling weapons. Without having to look around, he knew what would come next. He looked up at the sky for a moment before returning his gaze to the ground under him.

"Open fire!"

He didn't bother to move since he was facing down a firing squad, only closed his eyes as pain ripped through him with the impact of each bullet. All he could really do was keep count how many slammed into him, and as he swayed in the rain, his count ended at 26 that had successfully hit. Yet, he didn't fall as was expected, only stood swaying on his feet because falling was to admit death and defeat, both of which he refused to accept.

His hair clung uncomfortably to his face and neck now, his clothes thankfully no longer white. It made him feel good to see colour again, and he concentrated on the spreading pattern of red that consumed the white before getting washed down by the rain. It felt good to be outside and not seeing white. He had almost forgotten the sweet taste of blood that was laced with mako, but he remembered clearly as blood slipped passed his lips, not that it mattered. He was stronger than their bullets.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, and didn't need to look over to know that the doctor in charge of his treatment stood at his side. "Cloud, it's time to go back inside."

Cloud shook his head slightly, coughed then spat out a bullet on the ground. Jenova was removing them from his system since she felt they marred his beautiful purity, but he allowed her to concern herself with that. "I like it outside."

"I know you do, but it's raining and you may catch a cold. You don't want to catch a cold, now do you?" The doctor's voice was calm and the hand on his shoulder steadied him.

More bullet pellets fell to the ground, but Cloud ignored them again. "I'm SOLDIER. I don't catch colds."

The doctor's hand slipped a little closer to his neck, but Cloud didn't fight it right now. Their drugs didn't work on him. "You don't want me to have to write Miss Lockhart and tell her that you aren't getting better. That would break her heart."

Cloud turned his head to look at the older man, his attention distracted so that he didn't really notice the needle press into his exposed neck until it was too late to draw back. Still, he didn't draw back even as the drugs entered his body, only stared at the doctor who reached up and patted his cheek almost fondly.

"Good man, Cloud. It's going to be alright now. You're going to go to sleep and we'll get you cleaned up." The doctor smiled warmly even as Cloud's vision blurred. Cloud was surprised when an arm wrapped around his waist as his knees buckled, and he was more lowered to the ground leaning against the other man. "That's a good man. I have new medication for you, and everything will be good when you wake up again. I promise, Cloud."

Cloud wanted to protest the fact that these drugs were working on him, but he knew that this must have been a new set, ones that he hadn't had the pleasure of encountering until this moment. He hated them, wanted to scream and shout that he didn't want this or to be held by some sterilized lunatic with a needle to solve every problem. He didn't scream though, merely closed his eyes and relaxed against the cold pavement as the rain soaked him through and through, glad that it wasn't white.

He didn't even know when he fell unconscious, but he knew that he had gone close enough when he was moved from the rain onto a stretcher. He supposed it didn't matter since he had seen freedom for a fleeting moment, and in that moment, it had been enough to sooth his aching desire to leave.

Now, it was back to the white to contend with that part of his mind that clouded everything. And to see all the white his heart could ever desire.
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