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A Shattered Mirror...

...Where the Cracks Will Never Disappear

Cloud Strife
19 August
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Age: 22
Height: 173cm (5'10")
Weight: 175lbs
Blood Type: AB
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Date of Birth: Aug. 19
Place of Birth: Nibelheim
Rank: SOLDIER, First Class
Weapon Names: Buster Sword, Mythril Saber, Hardedge, Force Stealer, Butterfly Edge, Rune Blade, Murasame, Yoshiyuki, Organics, Nailbat, Crystal Sword, Apocalypse, Heaven's Cloud, Ragnarok, Ultima Weapon.
Possessed Materia: Ice, Lightning, Restore, Fire, Earth, Poison, Heal, Revive, Seal, Transform, Mystify, Time, Gravity, Barrier, Destruct, Exit, Comet, Contain, Full Cure, Ultima, Black Materia (not working), White Materia (not working).
Status: Clinically Insane
Current Location: Junon Institute for the Mentally Ill
Current Associates: None
Limit Breaks:
*~*Level 1*~*
Braver: A vertical slash to one's enemy, looking similar to a deathblow.
Cross Slash: A three-stroke sword swing, one vertical and two in opposite diagonal directions.
*~*Level 2*~*
Blade Beam: The blade is slammed into the ground, sending a shockwave at the targeted enemy, while smaller shockwaves slam into those in close proximity.
Climhazzard: A sword slash into the enemy before leaping into the air with the enemy.
*~*Level 3*~*
Meteorain: With a spin of the blade and a leap into the air, meteors are brought down upon all of the enemies.
Finishing Touch: A tornado is created with the blade which knocks the enemies away from the area of battle.
*~*Level 4*~*
Omnislash: A fifteen sword combo attack that slices the enemy with massive damage.

(OOC)**I do not own this character. All rights belong to SquareEnix, but I am merely borrowing the character to RP with.**