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On the Move

I slept in this morning, and it was so odd to do so. I think I slept almost ten hours last night when all I'm used to getting is a maximum of four hours. My body moves so much more easily, and I ate...quite a bit. The only problem of the morning was giving my medication, as usual, but Tifa managed it.

She dressed me up in a blue dress and we are leaving Junon. Somehow, I cannot bring myself to care at the mysterious stares that I am getting from some of the men passing by us. A few cat calls and attempts to walk us to our destination, mostly directed at Tifa because I am usually walking a little more out of sight. No one seems to notice that I am male either, and Tifa even went as far as to braid my long hair and put make-up on me just to make it less obvious. I have no problem with this, and as long as the mission is complete, it will be worth it.

I am hungry again. I find myself being more and more hungry now that I am with Tifa. She has already taught me so many things, though, I think she was displeased when I took the toaster apart before we left. I was not my fault; I wanted to see how it worked. There are so many things out in these streets that I want to see, and I find myself wandering around if Tifa does not keep me on course. It has been a long time since I saw a car or motorcycle, or other things. I let myself forget, but now I must learn again.

We are nearly on the edge of Junon and there are a small group of men playing around near us. They are watching us while we take a break before heading out again. As long as they do not make an approach, we will be fine, and if they do approach too aggressively, I will kill them. I can crush their throats before they have a chance to scream for help; or I can rip out their hearts from their chests. It is difficult, but I have done it before.

Let us hope that they know to keep their distance.

Tifa wishes to get moving again. It would be best to get out of Junon as the city makes me very curious as to all the things that I could and should see. I wonder if they brought the cannon back...
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