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There is no God... Only this sick feeling...

Oh... I feel sick, really really sick, and not in the good way. The doctors gave me more Jell-O and encouraged me to eat some, and I did... Oh, I ate way too much of the sugary jelly goodness, and now all I want to do is lie here on my bed hanging half-off. Oh... my stomach feels really... horrible...

I think I'm going to be sick. I haven't eaten that much sugar since I was like twelve years old...that was bloody ten years ago... I'm feeling sick and old. If I didn't hate the taste of vomit, I would surely puke all over the place then the walls wouldn't be white anymore.

Oh... damn that sugary goodness... Even Jenova is complaining about it, but she's not moving under my skin. I think she is stuffed with this Jell-O as much as I am... I can only hear her whispering to me, but I just can't yell back at her right now... If I yell, I'll vomit.'s so white in here and my stomach hurts so much. I think I need to take a nap and hopefully I won't feel so sick anymore... Oh... if only Tifa was hear to pick me up off of the floor and take off my slippers...

I... *snoring immediately insues*
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